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Ok, I play zildjian A cymbals so I know I don’t need these, but I found Meinl HCS bronze cymbals? I am aware they were at namm, but I didn’t go. Are they like MCS cymbals or some type of cymbal in between the MCS and classics range?


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I wasn’t looking to get them, I’m just wondering if they’re a replacement for the mcs or something.


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HCS are (or were?) Meinl's brass bottom-of-the-barrel cymbal line. I'm assuming HCS Bronze is intended to replace the brass cymbals with something that only somewhat horrible-sounding.


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For what it's worth, in the Sweetwater catalog, their description of the HCS box set advertises them as "something to dress up your unused cymbal stands". Not exactly a glowing endorsement...


Someone in my country said he had some fake HCS/BCS's. It's beyond me someone'd even think these'd exist, heck they'll probably sound better than the real ones if they do exist.


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From what i can tell is that the (regular) Classics line seems discontinued. But the MCS Bronze line looks almost the same as the regular Classics. Just look at the lathing and hammering, looks a lot like the regular Classics models. There are videos now on YouTube for those that are interested, but to me it looks like a glorified entry-level line.


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I love meinl cymbals. But I wouldn't touch the HCS or MCS with a barge pole. Spend your money on some Sabian XS20s instead. I had a used pair for 4 years and they looked as good when I sold them as when I bought them, and I don't play light.