Having problems charting


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Hi guys.

I have watched 2 different videos on charting from Dave Major and some guy called Greg on youtube. Both videos are good and have different approaches.

I am having major difficulty in trying to chart. My first attempt (which took me 20 minutes for a dead easy song) was for Bad Moon Rising. Ive got it written down a lot better than I can do typing on a forum but here it is as I've written it.

BAD MOON RISING 1/4 Note Tempo = 90

Double time swing pattern through all the song

I |- 1G -| |- 1 -|
V1 |- 8 -|
C |- 4 -|
V2 |- 8 -|
C |- 4 -|
M8 |- 8 -|
V3 |- 8 -|
Cx2 |- 4 -| |- 3 -| |- 1* -|

..1 + 2 + a 3…..4…..
. ..............C
. R.R.R...
. ...S...S S
. K....K......K

You might be saying what am I worrying about etc. But then give me a song like "Get Lucky", I am having a dang hard time trying to chart it because the beat changes so much and isnt straight 16ths on the hats. How am I supposed to get the authentic feel from that song? Will straight 16ths suffice if I accent the hats correctly?

Its just so confusing. Any advice would be appreciated.



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Liz Ficalora has an excellent book cd package called "How to write a fast easy drum chart". It is really an easy method to make drum charts for yourself, almost like charting short hand.
I have been using it for the last 6 months or so and it is much easier than trying to chart out a song note for note and bar by bar.
Probabky vety similar to what i and many others do. All cheat sheets are similar but differ only in the way they are laid out.