Have you played a gig dressed as Santa/elf/reindeer yet?


"Uncle Larry"
I'm saving mine for the 12th of never. Santa and an elf I can see, but a reindeer? That's insane!


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Might get a santa hat for my gig on the 28th, but that's about it. Lame, I know :(

Bo Eder

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Hey man, don't make fun of those who actually wear a costume personifying a world wide icon on drums ;)

Anon La Ply

I think it's crazy for anyone to wear a Santa suit at Christmastime in Australia. Today is predicted to be 34C (93F) and tomorrow will be hotter - and Sydney's one of the milder places in the country in high summer.

The equivalent would be having Santa running around in budgie smugglers in the middle of a snowy northern hemisphere winter.


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Its still on my bucket list. I think it would be a lot of fun, not quite as much if you dressed as a clown and played with the clown shoes, but it would still be a good time.


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No, but I went tonight to see my drum teacher play in one of his bands wearing this.

Decorated that sweater myself....lol.

Don't think I would have wanted to try and play around that Santa...lol.

Merry Christmas, all!



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Once -- just once -- I played a gig wearing a Santa hat I'd picked up at a drug store on the way to the gig. I don't remember when or what the gig was, but I do remember the crazy Chinese synthetic fibers and probably radioactive dye mixing with my sweat and making me break out in a monumental case of hives and prickly heat all over my head, face, and neck. So I don't gig at Christmas anymore.


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I have played part of a gig wearing a Santa hat. I didn't break out like Al, but it was unbelievably hot and I ditched it. For Halloween I have gigged as a caveman, a woman, a pirate, and a hobo. Only the hobo looked realistic.


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Wore my Santa cap last Saturday on a gig.... only to be outdone by the bass player who had a Santa cap with a full white beard attached!