Have you ever "underplayed" because you fear embarassment or failure?


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I've just taken up drums again after a decade-ish away. I have played guitar for the past 7 years however, and i was exactly like you until i cam to University. My course is all about musical experimentation and in the first lecture we were told that we have the absolute right to fail. People in the Music school here are always practising and sometimes it sounds awful, but no-one cares, because you're practising. I understand trying something which might not work is different from physically not being able to do it, but it's helped me completely forget about what people think because i'm striving towards a goal for my own ends.


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not drumming related,but only once...and i got kicked off the stage..i was playin sax in an open jam led by jimmy smith.i was so intimidated that i didnt venture out of a couple licks....he lowered his shades,looked at me and whispered,white boy best mooove along now.....

Harsh, man...