Have you ever practiced dropping sticks?


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The thing about practicing dropping sticks is...you know it's coming.

This gives me an idea for a drumstick product that randomly jumps out of your hand, for the sole purpose of working on picking up a new stick.
Already got this model, they're called Vic Firth 5B...


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I always keep one or 2 on the kick drum, I keep 2 in a holder on the hats. I've never practiced it but gotten better at it over the years.

The music I play is FAST, so when I drop a stick it's already too late. I've had to figure it out for a few bars even though it's only a few seconds.

The good thing is is I don't drop sticks often these days. I practice technique and staying relaxed. that really helps. along with Making sure your not hitting rims if your using a house kit or catching it on a rim during a fill etc.

Rather than practice picking up a stick, practice keeping the beat with one hand. practice with the other hand solo. So sure, you could practice dropping a stick, but ride it out for a few bars then find a spot to grab it. The key is to not loose the time and groove.


I too, keep spare sticks in the seat of my pants when I play. Learnt that trick watching J.P. Gaster from Clutch during some recorded performance.


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The thing about practicing dropping sticks is...you know it's coming.
That's a good point. Years ago I practiced rolling a sea kayak, but then realized it was a completely unrealistic technique, at least for me. If I tipped my kayak, I wouldn't know it was coming, and there's no way I'd react quickly enough to roll the boat.

But I found that dropping sticks wasn't the same. If I just threw a stick occasionally and grabbed a spare, I quickly got better at grabbing spares.