Have you ever met a famous drummer?


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Yes. Private lessons with Pat Petrillo. What a great drummer. In even drove him to the train station (he was visiting NC for clinics and lessons and was heading back to NY). I was so nervous that I could barely drive. He kept telling me to watch the road.


oh yeah, meant to mention this after my first post...just remembered when this thread popped up again.

when i was 16, i went to the berklee college of music festival. everyone was there. mike mangini put on a show with a few of his friends, classic rock tunes mainly (i made fast friends with three kids, we sat front row, with best view of mike), we freaked and shrieked when they did tom sawyer, any way you want it, and fool in the rain. we got to meet him after, took a class from him, and he also offered us an individual lesson. amazing guy.

i got to the auditorium early, got asked to help set up a kit...on the way to the bathroom, i see the genteel vic firth in the hall way. i keep walking, but with a deer in the headlights staring at him (i couldn't stop! no matter how much i yelled in my mind to stop staring!). he extends his hand, smiles, and says, "how ya doin', kiddo?" i say, "very well, mr. firth, what a privilege!! love your sticks, sir!" he replies, "please, call me vic, although i must applaud your manners." we chat some about his favorite music, the future of the drumstick industry, what made him the man he is today. i had a pair of the Weckl evolution signatures in my pocket, he sees them and says, "hey great drumsticks, kid, bet you like to get funky!" i was like, "man, how'd you know that", he smiles and says, "can i see them?" i hand them back to him (they were HIS sticks after all-lol) and he takes a sharpie outta his pocket and signs them for me! i was levitating in delight, thanked him, and he said, "after talking to you, kid, i have no doubt you're very talented, so keep it up. your refinement and decorum will serve you well, don't lose it!" one of my fondest memories.


I met Kenny Aronoff once for a lesson. I told him I had been playing kick with my left foot (with a double pedal) due to an injury. He tried it for a bit and said "Whoa! That would take some time to get used to."