Hating New Ludwig Snare - NEED ADVICE


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I just bought a new Ludwig Supralite (it's not light) snare drum and I am having trouble getting it to sound even decent. I bought the Supralite because it is $400. less expensive than the Supersonic that I really want. I think the main problem is that suck a$$ throw-off (P-85 I think although I suspect it's a Chinese copy). The throw-off seems very cheap and if I tighten the snares even close to where they need to be, then I can't get the throw-off to close.
I was wondering if a P-87 or even P-86 throw-off replacement might make me happy??? What do y'all think? Can a P-87 be put on a new Supralite?

I also have an Ludwig Acrolite snare & I love it and it has a P-85 throw-off that works OK.

HELP HELP .... Thanks
I only just got mine. 14x6.5. Like 30 minutes ago. First thing I did was remove the stock batter Ludwig logo head, tighten all the screws inside (they were all loose) then put an Evans HD head on it. Then I loosened the cord at the throw off, backed the throw to half, tightened up the cord, locked it back down and adjusted it.
I’ve just been playing it for about 15 minutes and it sounds freaking fantastic to me.
I have both a 5” Acrolite and Supraphonic. Both great. But I wanted the deeper sound too, and now I’ve got it.
Very happy.
Also- I can’t imagine returning any drum without playing it for awhile, so the “5 minutes and done” makes no sense to me.