Has Vater gone away from "squaring off" butt ends?


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One trademark of Vater has always been their "squared off" butt end of the stick, while all other companies use rounded butt ends. That's how you can always tell Vater apart from all the others, especially on the "seconds" that are being sold a lot of places these days.

I was looking online at some of their product offerings recently, and some of the photos appear to have rounded butt ends. Also, I know that they sell seconds under the names of "GoodWood", "Pulse" and "Sound Percussion". I have some of all three brands noted. I recently picked up some Sound Percussion branded wood tip 7A's on sale, and they had rounded butt ends. I have some older Sound Percussion wood tip 7A's, and they are Vater Manhattan 7A's. Length, taper, tip shape, everything is identical, with a squared off butt. The new ones I got, with the rounded butt ends, are also identical in every way to the Manhattan 7A's, but they just have a rounded butt end vs. squared off. I thought maybe the Sound Percussion sticks were now being made by Vic Firth/Zildjian, but the two closest sticks from those companies don't quite match up, being the Vic Firth American Sound 7A (15.5" in length vs. the Sound Percussion is 16" in length) and the Zildjian Super 7A (very close, but the tip is a tad bit different). I own both of those models, and compared them head to head with my Sound Percussion.

I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this. I emailed Vater today asking if they are still squaring off the butts or not. I'll report back here when I am notified by them.



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From what I last remember, I don't think Vater's stopped squaring off butt ends and I don't see the point in why Vater would want to stop.


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Do you have trouble with squared off butt ends? Never considered squared versus rounded to be of any consequence, but I started using Vater sticks last year. The Pro-Marks I liked and had used for over 30 years were just a tad too thin and I was having some wrist pain from using the lighter weight models. I wish Vater offered oak sticks as they hold up so much better than hickory. I guess overall I prefer women with rounded butts rather than flat, but really, it makes no difference either.


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I just bought a pair of Vaters and they have 'squared butts'. That feels strange to say those two words.
I hope the squared butt is of no consequence to you. There are more important things to focus on for drumming.


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It's funny but I always quite like the feel of the Vater butts on my palms when I played right at the back of the stick. I hope they haven't moved away from the squared off ends, perhaps the ones you saw were artist models that were requested to be rounded? Still its a minor detail but a nice one.

It's odd, I alway found Vater to be durable and consistent but the main thing I love about them is that the stamps get hidden by my hands when I play. For some reason it annoys me seeing the logo up the stick when I'm playing. That drives me nuts when I use Promark or Vic Firth, great as they might actually feel in the hands.

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I recently bought some Sugar Maple 5As and some Fusions and they all have square butts. (I like square butts and I can not lie...).