Has Promark's stick coating changed recently?


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For the past year and a half I've been using the 5BG Benny Greb Signature stick as my main stick with no problems. Recently however, I've found that I've been getting really bad blisters up and down my fingers in places that never used to get them before. Now as far as I know, I haven't switched up my grip at all, and the callused areas of my hands are fine, but today while recording I had 2 (possibly 3, it's hard to tell) blisters not only develop, but OPEN up in the exact same spot with another 2-3 opening up in other places around my hands. This is something that I noticed at my last two shows last month too, so I'm starting to wonder, has Promark switched up the coating on their sticks in the past while?



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I think promark was acquired by d'addario not too long ago. Perhaps you just recently used up the last of your old stock?

Or it could be a grip change or a half dozen other factors.