Has practicing on pillows helped with your speed or control

Push pull stroke

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Yep...that is why most people don't use them anymore...

but musical expression is a different story. I also got out of HS right as they were coming on the scene, and while I agree that the original ones were brutal, I still feel that the playing on them in the 90's, at least at the upper levels, had some moments. Especially if the instructors were teaching correctly, and the arrangements were well thought out.

I guess I would say that Kevlar is no more or less musical than any xylophone playing...60% of the time Xylophones are just annoying sounding and brittle, and xylo parts are just "meandering circus effects"...but then there is the 40% that is well played, with the correct mallet choice and proper arranging....
Well, back when xylophone was the only instrument that recorded well, our great-grandparents were gettin their grooves on to ragtime xylophone music LOL.

But I agree, it’s an instrument that only a percussionist can love.


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That doesn't add up to me. Vibes are a big xylophone with resonator tubes and spinning thingys.

I never knew xylophones were so annoying to some. I always kind of liked them.
that is sort of like saying jazz and metal drumming are the exact same thing, just on different sized kits...

actually they aren't...they are made of metal, and are played and arranged for much differently. They couldn't be further apart actually as far as how and what they are supposed to be used for

A good vibes player and part is waaayyyy more palatable than the same on xylo for me...