Has anyone's drumming actually moved you to tears?


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Mr Gergo Borlai with the Kaltenaker trio '07 drum solo. The video is on his page on this site. The caption reads "the big solo". I watch it continuously for inspiration. He makes four drums sound like twenty.

Anon La Ply

Music yes, drums no. There was a TV theme when I was young that always made me cry. There was something about the melody that did it.


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I went to see Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy pianist/keyboard player) with my sister and a few friends. My sister remarked after Robert 'Sput' Seawright's solo that it was the first time she had ever felt close to tears from a drum solo. I guess drums are normally dependent on some sort of musical context in order to fully convey emotion, but they can.
Levon Helm: The Last Waltz, his press roll leading into the chorus of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and the incredible way he sings and plays, gets me EVERY time!


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There was a guy that played drums in the band when I was I High School. He was so bad, his playing moved me to tears . . .


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An interesting question.

I have tried to generate a melancholic emotive response with purely drums...I have yet to find success.

We can get the ultra aggressive response far easier than something like a flute...but not sadness.

I've wondered if its about loss of a moment...where something that holds sustained pitches can create something to be lost, the relative fast attack/decay of the 'drum set' creates a mindset in the listener where they are ready for the lost moment.

I came about this hypothesis from an observation that the closest thing I could do on a drum set was a tight even roll...or a cymbal swell.

Tears of joy...sure...my own as well as others...but not melancholy.

Ben Corbitt

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There's been 1-2 times i've gotten wet eyes on stage.
Each time, it was the song's content evoking a potent emotional response.
My drumming allowed me to emote in a very ideal way.
"Do you Realize? That happiness makes you cry" - The Flaming Lips