Has anyone tried this as a bass drum mic holder??


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I was thinking that this might be good clamped onto a bass drum spur. Mine are of sufficient diameter for this to work, but was wondering if it's a bad idea. Possibly unwanted vibrations coming through? Something else?


I just don't want to carry around a typical bass drum mic stand - every pound counts in my hardware bag!

Thanks for any input if you have experience with these clips.


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I haven't tried it but I thought about getting one. I decided on a short boom stand. When I looked at the clamp on holder (in the catalogue) it doesn't look like you can put the mic inside the port a little. We seem to get the best sound out of my kick with the mic sticking inside the kick just a little. If you're not ported, then it might work great. It is possible it may pick up vibrations like you mentioned though.

Matt Bo Eder

I advise against it. If you don't use a shock-mount for the microphone, you will definitely be dealing with unwanted vibrations. Those little bass drum mic stands aren't very heavy and sometimes can be bought new for as little as $20.

OR - you can do what I've done: just stick the mic inside the drum and rest it on top of the muffling material. Not ideal, but it works.

hippy chip

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I use this little stand for my bass drum mic---outside the hole, just inside, or close to the batter head---takes seconds to adjust the position to get the sound I need for any situation!


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Get a Kelly Shu mount. Way, WAY, better. You won't be sorry. Great isolation, and nothing extra to carry to gigs, not even your mic, believe it or not. FWIW, I'm going on 9 years (I think) with mine. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it. Comes in a composite or aluminum version, and I got aluminum. http://www.kellyshu.com


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Easily the best solution and sound engineers love them. Mine's composite but still very light and there's nothing to forget to bring.
Mine's composite too. I got it with a used drum kit like 10 years ago, and have been using it ever since with no problem.


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I've got one of those Kelly Shu mic things too sitting in my basement. I want to go install it in my Pork Pie kick, but I just haven't made the time to do it.


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I would recommend the Shu or even something like this. I have been using this with the kit I have been taking out for the past 3 months that is not equipped with a Shu. The kick a Ludwig Giglite and it is only 8" deep, so I didn't install one.