Has anyone or famous drummers recorded with these crap drums?


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Any Ashton kit, power-beat drums, Impact drums, sound percussion, legend percussion?
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Any Ashton kit, power-beat drums, Impact drums, and yamaha stage custom
How can you associate Yamaha Stage Custom in the same category as the other 3?

Stage Customs are probably the best mid-range kit available other than Mapex Meridian imo.


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I've recorded several times with Yamaha Stage Customs, and I defy your categorical statement that they're crap drums. As a matter of fact, you've got a set now. Sit down with them, change out the batter heads, learn to tune them, and prepare to fall in love.

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Brain wanted some crude sounding drums for the Brown Album with Primus. I think he used old acrylic drums and north drums.

And yeah, I have recorded with my stage customs and they pretty much stand up to my more expensive kits.


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Since when did stage customs became crap drums? :-(

I never owned a set of them but I have played on them and I can say they are FAR from crap.

edited: oh they became crap at 8:56 am this morning! Smh


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I can almost positively say I have never played a crap Yamaha drum ever. Even the old Rydeen series kits were pretty decent for the money. I used some with Remo Fibreskyn 3's and they sounded good.


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I try not to feed the trolls, but...

I recorded and toured for over 20 years with Impact drums, and they never let me down. I still have 4 Impact kits and assorted snares in my arsenal, and they still sound great.

Prior to that from 1980-84, I played a Yamaha kit that I believe was the immediate predecessor to the Stage Custom, and those were well-made and sounded great as well.



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I had some Ashton drums a few years back. We played support for SpizzEnergi & his drummer used them. They weren't that bad tbh. Not great, but not bad.


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Young man,what exactly is the purpose of this thread?Your obsession borders on OCD.As has been stated in your first post about your stage customs,they're well made good sounding intermediate drums,made by a reputable manufacturer.What else do you need to know?

What's the deal??????If you really have nothing to say.....don't say it.

Steve B


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In a recording studio any drum can be made to sound great.
A cardboard box can be made to sound great!
Because of this fact I don't get the point of your thread.
If you have been in a recording studio or recorded at home you would know that the price of the drum doesn't mean squat.

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If you're gonna troll, at least be funny about it. This kind of senseless crap is unnecessary. What exactly are you really trying to say here? Or are you just engaging in Yamahating?

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Man, poor guy really bought the bridge on this one. This is his 2nd thread on the matter after the initial thread that Bill just referenced. Buyer's remorse is an ugly thing. OP is the kind of guy that would try to return a Craigslist purchase.

For the record, I too have recorded and gigged quite a but with a set of Stage Customs.


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So the drums aren't rare and nor are the threads stressing out about them, so it would seem.

Dude, if you'd spent as much time playing the things as you have worrying about them and arguing over their rareity, you'd be setting the town alight by now.

Good drums. Good snare. Good cymbals. Overall a pretty good deal for these parts. Now go and play the friggen' things and be happy.

And remember, It's the Indian, not the arrow.


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Y'know, crappy kits- Gammon, Sound Percussion, Guru Origin II Segmented Beech... the real bottom of the barrel.