Has anyone elses china cracked this quickly?!


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Okay, so in the middle of August I bought a Agazarian China. I just now noticed that is was cracked o_O

I know it's a cheap cymbal, but STILL! 3 1/2 months?!

That's weird. I'm no longer getting those kinds of chinas. They're more money than wuhans too, and they don't even sound as good.


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im getting two wuhan china's and a 10" splash for christmas gonna see how they turn out,
but that sucks how much did it cost?


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to tell you the truth i think they do have a warranty i got some agazarian hi hats and crash with my old starter set from gutar center(they sucked, my hi hats cracked quickly) and i think it said on the box they do have either a 6 month or 1 year warranty, i think they do but talk to the place where you got the cymbals and see if you can get a replacement....the worst they can say is no.