Hardware - Spraypaint or Powder Coat

Hey Guys

I have a Mapex Pedal I was thinking about painting gold so I could shoot a music video with it. But should I powder coat it... Or spray it?

It's not a yes or no thing. It's just something that came to my mind

P.S. The pedal is my secondary pedal. First being Tama Iron Cobra




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Spray paint it if you are only going to use it for a short time. Powder coat it if you want it to last. It will also take you longer to powder coat.


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Go with whatever is cheaper.

Unfortunately, I think this is gonna be an excercise in futility. I am yet to see a video clip where a camera zoomed in on the drummers pedals.


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As much wear as pedals get ... a spray job might not even last a video shoot. Powder Coat would be a much better/more permanent way to go.​
Gonna wear it off a chain, around your neck ... as drummer bling?​


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As someone involved in industrial production, I hate powder coating. There is no inherent advantage at all to it. It is only a way to eliminate the volitile organic emissions from the spray booth and improve the yield of pigment to parts produced. Powder coating can force a coat onto just about anything, even if there is very poor wetting and adhesion. Once the skin cracks, huge chunks just flake off.

If you want something painted, get it dead clean and degreased. Then good primer. If it's aluminum (like a footboard) you are going to be in a bit of trouble because aluminum oxidizes instantly once fresh metal is exposed to air. You really want to pretreat the aluminum with a chemical conversion coat that chemically changes the external oxide layer. Unfortunately, the most useful coating over the years, Alodine 1200, contains Cr6 and is banned by the RoHS initiative. Which makes it hard to find unless you know someone in the metalworking business that has military contracts.

Anyhow, prime it, and then paint with a good enamel or epoxy topcoat. Aliphatic polyurethane will wear better but it's carcinogenic so you probably don't want to mess with that unless you are in the business.