Hardware-slippage remedy by velcro


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Due to some extreme angles required to position a 10 x 8 tom, I had to rig up a double clamp system that grabbed onto 2 separate knurled rods. The desired positioning was possible, but the rods kept slipping inside their respective clamps-- despite hand tightening up the clamps to the max.

What the clamps needed was more grip inside to lock on properly...

I was able to accomplish this simply by sticking a small strip of velcro ("hook side") inside each clamp, increasing their interior thicknesses. Solved, no more slippage.

An inexpensive, fast solution, no damage, easy to remove (if ever needed). Would use again for a similar hardware issue .


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I snagged a 500 pc roll of velcro dots off Amazon a few years back for almost nothing and the uses have been endless.
Good tip!