Hardware Overhaul Complete! Mapex Pro-M


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I have finally finished my transition from standard tripod stands to Gibraltar rack hardware. I started out with a pair of Stealth Racks, and switched around some tubes, added some clamps and here it is. My main goal was efficiency and speed in moving on and off stage. When we play gigs with 4 or 5 bands in one night, every minute counts in getting your set-up adjusted properly and comfortable between sets. I can make it on or off in about 3 or 4 trips, even quicker if someone gives me a hand. Breaking down the hardware is a lot more relaxed once I'm off stage. Some specs:

Mapex Pro M - Transparent Emerald Green
12", 13", 14", 16" Toms
22" Bass Drum
14" Pro M snare
Heads: All Evans except for bass drum
Pedal: DW9000

13" Meinl Byzance Spectrum Hats
15" Zildjian K Custom Fast Crash
18" Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
22" Paiste Signature Full Ride
20" Zildjian Crash of Doom
18" Sabian Hand Hammered China

Pedal: DW9000