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For those with multiple kits, how does your hardware inventory compare?

I have 33 kits, and just for fun decided to see how the number of stands etc. fared against that number. Thankfully everything is in a database for easy counting. :)

40 snare stands

36 tom stands

60 cymbal stands

23 HH stands

43 pedals

19 thrones

Obviously I don't need/use anywhere near those totals, but it was interesting to see the disparity in the numbers vs kits, and each other. I think the large number of tom stands is due to some complete concert tom sets (most requiring 4 stands.) I really don't know why I would have acquired 19 thrones!
I have two sets of hardware. One stays at home set up on whatever practice kit I’m using and the other set is cased up in the garage ready to go for a gig. Both sets are identical in what they have.
That's because you're practical! (y)
I have six kits, I guess; a shell bank of Yamaha BCANs, a shell bank of vintage Gretsch, and a Ludwig Standard.

I'd classify my hardware as three full sets:

The gigging set with four DW 6000 cymbal stands, a 5000 hihat stand, two snare stands, and a single 5000 pedal.

The 'session' set, with four boom stands (mostly Tama, one DW), a 9000 hihat stand and double pedal, and three snare stands.

The Cygnus set, which is three 9000 boom stands with tons of attachments, three straight stands for percussion, two 9000 singles, a 5000 hihat stand, two Yamaha triple-clamp BD trees, and a snare stand.

Shells get swapped out as needed between the gigging set and the session set.

There's a USPS bin full of extra Yamaha triple-trees and clamps, an extra older Tama Roadpro hihat stand, a 9000 cable hihat, an extra snare stand or two lying around somewhere, some really old cymbal boom stands that I've converted into mic stands...
I have two kits.

My very first drum kit, a 5 piece Pearl Maxwin, brand new circa 1987.
My second kit is a 5 piece Pearl Masters Custom MRX kit, brand new circa 2006.

As far as hardware goes:

2 snare stands.

0 tom stands. (Both kits have their toms mounted on the bass drum. So, 4 super-tasty Pearl tom arms.)

6 cymbal stands.

2 HH stands.

2 pedals.

1 throne.

Unfortunately, no computer database involved/needed here.
Just my two eyes and the ability to count to ten or so, on a good day. LOL! :ROFLMAO:
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I own 2 drum sets (with a handful of other snares).

I've recently acquired new hardware to lighten the load of gigging so at the moment, I have much more than usual.

My gigging hardware is always bagged up and ready to go. The rest is either up on my home practice set or folded up doing nothing.

Some of this stuff is old (as in decades) and may soon be sold off or donated.

Yamaha Hi Hat Stands 3
Yamaha Straight Cymbal Stands 1
Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stands 6
Yamaha Snare Stands 2
Ludwig Atlas Snare Stand 1
Yamaha Bass Drum Pedals - FP8500B 2
Yamaha Bass Drum Pedals - FP-7210 2
Yamaha Crosstown Hi Hat Stands 2
Yamaha Crosstown Cymbal Stands 4
Yamaha Crosstown Snare Stands 2
Roc & Soc Stools w/back rests 2
Tama 1st Chair Stool 1
This is a great question. I have 4 kits and about 3.5 sets of hardware. I'm in two bands and use a different kit for each. I have to be really careful about being sure I bring the right hardware for each kit and so over time settled on two complete sets of hardware excepting throne stand. The other two kits are one set up for home practice and one in a band studio. To be sure I have all the right gear for every gig, there's a checklist taped to the door of my practice room at home which I look at every time I load up & leave for a gig. It's saved me more than once.
Like to see a list of those 33 drum sets someday
brand/dimensions/color/ minus the snare drums

I probably have "Three Era" of stands
70s 90s 00s.

43 pedals? wow.
Pics someday too.
Of it all...
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The Inventory man ..needs a Inventory man!

Majority Ludwig? I assume I dunno)
I could use 1 Ludwig Hi hat stand from the 70s...Atlas or Herc..

Is there a Gretsch chrome over brass in there?
(I'll take ...
"Evidently Famous person-owned gear Ups the price: ->

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3 kits.

Remo Acousticon, Yamaha Gigmaker and Mapex Orion.

The Mapex Orion is kitted out with vintage pearl rack, double pedal, hi-hat, throne and 6 cymbal booms.

Yamaha Gigmaker is kitted out with double pedal, throne, hi-hat stand and 3 full cymbal stands.

Remo Acousticon is currently bagged and stacked in my house.

I have all the tripod sections of the stands from the Mapex Orion booms in a tool chest in the shed.

All microphones and stands, cables etc in a case in the shed as well.

A relatively minimalist acquisition of gear really....... only enough for two full kits.
i have 2 kits;

"rock" kit is on a Pearl rack system with all of it's own mini booms; it's own snare and 2 hi hat stands
"jazz" kit has 3 of it's own Yamaha single braced mini boom stands; it's own snare and hi hat stand

9 Tama mini booms
3 Yamaha single braced mini boom stands
3 Pearl tom holders
3 Tama hi hat stands
2 Pearl snare stands
1 Pork Pie Red Sparkle/Zebra fur throne to share

i do have all of the original hardware to the jazz set, whcih is a 55 Ludwig, but I don't use it. It is pretty fragile, and in near mint condition.
Interesting. I’ve never really thought this through besides “I have enough hardware.” I have 9 kits right now (7 that I use regularly).

The two teaching kits have full hardware
The two kits that live at churches have full hardware
3 of the “ready to go” kits share the same core hardware set (with some swaps in there)
2 of the “ready to go” kits share the other hardware set
…plus I have additional hardware for leaving kits in pits for musicals (and all of the extra needed stands/clamps/mounts/etc…), which is about 4 kits worth of gear (the bottle neck being hi hat stands).

The count:
10 hi hat stands
27 cymbal stands
13 snare stands
12 bass drum pedals
11 thrones

Final tally: 9 kits, enough hardware for 10 kits.
I have two kits, two snare stands, two hi-hat stands, two-and-a-half thrones (the cheap one isn't good for anything but holding my water bottle), but only five or six cymbal stands (and I usually use four with my full kit). I have a good gig-quality double pedal and a basic backup single pedal. The second hi-hat stand is a flat-base, so it's not a go-everywhere stand. So I have my work cut out for me and my shopping list is already saved online. Quite honestly, I might could just go buy a good-quality hardware pack and call it a day (like a Ludwig Atlas Standard pack or maybe a Tama RoadPro pack).
10 drum sets, currently

Most all my hardware is Yamaha 600 and 700 series. Enough hardware to equip 3 kits. And 2 hex racks.

DW 9550 Universal Remote Hi Hat is my largest "specialty" part (for center hi hat placement.

Have never actually counted out the individual pieces (maybe should do that, 1 day:unsure:)
I have about 23 kits or so(some are shell banks)
50+ snares
Never done a cymbal inventory
5 thrones, pretty much just used one until it broke
I've bought sets of hardware 3 times over the years (Yamaha always, with a few bits from others here and there)
About 40 stands (I too was a concert tom guy for a bit)
5 snare stands
6 HH stands
11 BD pedals


I guess I don't qualify to reply, as I only have one kit.

But, if you would have bought a Yamaha Stage Custom kit first (like me), you wouldn't need all those other kits (tongue pressed firmly in cheek).

Silly drummers.

I have sorta three kits:
1. Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple shell bank 10/12/13/14ft/16ft/18b/22bd​
2. Yamaha Recording Custom 12/13/14ft/20bd/22bd​
3. Gretsch Round Badge Progressive Jazz 12/14ft/20 bd​

My hardware is also three sets:
1. Yamaha 700 series for the home studio. These never leave the house.​
2. Yamaha Crosstown for most gigs.​
3. My old gigging (mostly) flat-based hardware (first gen DW 6710s, a Ludwig Spur Lok, a Canopus snare stand) that I used as my gigging hardware until the Crosstown stuff came out.​

So yeah-- I guess it's sorta directly proportional. I'll no doubt use the flat based stuff again when I start gigging the Gretsches in the Fall.