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Anyone have the hardcase cases?
The ones that have a little texture, i tried stickers but they don’t glue, even gaffer tape.
anyone with same problem?

if I stencil it with spray will the paint be fixed?

No Way Jose

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Yes the paint will be stuck to the surface. But if you are gigging a lot then you want something long lasting.


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Yup, I've had a set for over 20 years now, but I have the ones with the flat surface, not textured.


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Personal experience: clean the surface with lacquer thinner (alcohol and acetone leave a very minute oily residue, depending on their grade), immediately wipe clean with a soft, clean cotton cloth, allow to air dry for a few minutes, then apply your paint. (Stickers still will not adhere.)

I use the above procedure, then apply my information using paint pens (available from any craft store). Mine has been on my cases for twenty years with no signs of coming off. (You can also use spray paint stencils using this method.)