Hardcase vs Gewa SPS


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Any owners of Gewa SPS cases?
How are they after hard use?

The hardcase are more hard but inside with no padding i don’t know if
they protect the drums that much.
Gewa SPS really protect the drums inside the case but is the SPS hard enough?
The zippers are durable?



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I have a set of Gewa SPS and I think they're great. They will protect your drums in normal use. They don't collapse so they take up some space though, unlike soft cases.


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I have plastic molded cases made by gator and they weigh too much. I'm using everything but the bass drum case for my 22 it weighs as much as a drum. I bought a real cheap bag for it. not a whole lot of protection for the drum, but it sure is lightweight. I think I might get a protection racket case later on.


I had them all and went for the Protection Racket AAA cases. A hybrid between a case and a bag.

The Hardcase's were2 too cumbersome and the SPS wayyyy to heavy, unfortunately.
Had you the older SPS with the blue interiors ? I think the newer SPS have been redesigned to be lighter.


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I have a set of Hardcases that are about 25 years old. I've had great luck with them, but they aren't too light. They've been great so far. I love the look of those other ones though.

Cases are one of those weird things that I'd just have to see in person to make a true judgement call. I have to feel and see it myself.

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I recently bought a set of these Tama Standard bags. Collapsible, a bit oversized, good zippers and decent protection for around town gigging. I'm able to to get my Ludwig 13x9 tom into the 12" bag pretty easily.