Hard Rock Cymbals


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One thing I found is I don't play my cymbals now the way I played them a couple of years into my drumming career. I bet you won't either. I play hard rock, rock and some metal. My budget is allowing me to look at the Paiste 900 series for crashes to replace my 802s.


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I'd spend some time learning how to play cymbals correctly with a glancing blow, it opens up a world of cymbals and best of all if you do it right you won't break your cymbals. I love thin crashes because they are the most versatile and I can use them for anything from a real quiet lounge gig to a rock gig.

Like others here I've used Z Customs/Rudes in the past and you really have to lay into them to get anything usable, so your dynamics are gone straight away and they break quicker.

Most hard rock/metal is 2002s/As/AAs. I wouldn't go any heavier than a medium (only exception being your ride/hats as thats really down to preference). If you're gigging you're mic'ed up anyway most ofthe time. For a nice heavy ride you're in luck, heavy rides are a bit out of fashion at the moment so all the Zs and Z Customs are cheap 2nd hand.

P.S. Rude hats are scarily close to New Beats in weight and sound amazing! (Think they're cheaper too!)
I have two Zildjian A rock crashes from the 80s and they still sound great and have help up well for all of these years under hard playing. Worth a look. I now find myself liking the A medium crashes since they are a bit warmer ....

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For heavy rock or indeed any loud sonically dense music I use Zildjian A custom projection crashes 17 and 18, 14” A Zildjian mastersound hi hats and a modified 21 UFIP ride.