Hard floors and high ceilings


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I've been reading up on room acoustics and the knowledge base says that with drums, they sound best with a hard floor and high ceilings because the natural sounds we are accustomed to are reflected of the ground.

I've heard of people recording without a rug to get the best sound, but I have maybe only once or twice played on a hard floor without a rug under the drums.

Have you noticed a big difference with your drums in the same room with hard floors as opposed to over a rug?

Thunder 42

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Yes. Last weekend. I just set up in my man cave, re-arranged and removed some furniture in the 16'x16', 3 1/2 wall knotted pine room with 11' ceilings. It has a tile floor with an area rug that covers 2/3s floor. Kick and racks are over the rug, and snares and 3 floors toms are over exposed floor - recessed acoustic tile ceiling. When I set it up, I was thinking of making a purchase for a small rug/runner to place under back 1/2 of the kit. The sound in here is great. I really do believe the height of the room, the flooring and the pine walls make it so.