Happy New Year


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To those participating,and even those whom are not:

Have a happy and healthy new year.Keep those not as fortunate as yourself in your thoughts,and lend a hand to lessen their burden.

And as Pete Townsend said at the Hurricane Sandy relief concert....."have a f'in beer".

Cheers,and best wishes.:)

Steve B


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You have a great New Year too, Steve! I will be playing my Acro tonight for New Year's Eve, thanks to some great advice from you and my friends here.

How 'bout those Broncos????!!!


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Happy new year! I'd love to hear some new year's resolutions here.

I'll start: I promise I'll put more energy on finding more people to play with, in bands for instance. And, of course, I'll try to play even more drums than I did in 2012 (which was a hell of a drumming year for me, by the way).

What's your new year's resolutions?


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Sitting watching the annual Jools Holland Hootenanny. I quite like watching it on my own, although I can't have the traditional New Year game of Scrabble...