Happy New Year! Post your resolution...


the other ones are too teach the world to sing and save the world from destruction

also get my first gig as a drummer


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i want to get into fsu, move to tallahassee, and finally be with my good friends nate and crimson.
i want to be a better person to friends and strangers.
i want to improve my work habits.
i want to become a better drummer and musician and learn piano.
i want to be more willing to try new things and live life to the fullest.

happy new year everyone!
GO NOLES....................


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Become a more solid player
Find more pieces to add to my Superstars( I have a superstar custom in red scarlet fade, if you have anything let me know)
Getting my weight and blood preassure down
And finish my senior year of high school out on top.

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Lose another 15 lbs. I've lost 25 since I started college, but I wanna drop some more.

I also want to fix my sleeping habits, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in 5 or so months.


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I resolve not to reply to any more , "what's the best", or "what is your favorite" threads.


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Improve my double kicks on my right foot, inspired by Pridgen's playing. And just practicing more often, since I finally have my own set.


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for me...my new years resolution is to get fit again lol. and stop procrastinating with school. AND try not to eat junk food as much as I used to.


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1. practice drumming more,
2. practice drumming more,
3. practice drumming more,
4. find a girlfriend who understands drummers,
5. practice drumming more,
6. drink less,
7. practice drumming more,
8. practice drumming more,
9. steal somebody else's girlfriend who understands drummers,
10. practice drumming more,
11. study violin...wait...naw....lets see.....oh yeah, maybe find a girlfriend who drinks less than me and understands drummers.....


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New Years?

In the way of drumming.
-Keep practicing more
-Maybe get lessons to learn time signatures, and the technical stuff, i admit it, i'm a freestyle/self-taught drummer, i need structure!
-GET BETTER AT DOUBLE BASS, espcially my right foot technique.
-Stop hitting soooo Hard, i had to switch from 5A to 2B in sticks b/c i hit like Aaron Gillespie, and 5A broke like nothing :[ I want to switch back to 5A, more comfortable.
-look for a good deal on a new kit, maybe a Truth Custom??
-New cymbals, Meinl Byzance??
-and just really focus on the art of drumming, not the gear.

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My resoulutions:
1) Lose weight
2) Become wealthy
3) Play my drums more, I've been neglecting them lately.

Happy New Year everyone!
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Ok, so I lied on Aydee's thread about having no resolutions.

I am determined to learn how to play '21st Century Schizoid Man' on the guitar. I've been doing it on and off since I started playing, but sooner or later I am going to crack it. Other than the insane run and most of the solo - I'm there. But man...

Oh. And drink less beer. It's getting rather worrying.