Happy New Year from a Mod


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No silly jingle this time. Just a heart felt Happy New Year to all on the forum. Hope your 2019 calendar is full of gigs, new gear or whatever you want or deserve. The year has seen members come and go, many surprises, member gigs photos, great questions, bad tom angles, the whole gamut. And yes even a few new kits for Bo. He keeps us on our toes, with photos, videos and equipment changes, but all in all always interesting stuff.

To Jon and Bernhard, thanks for allowing me to stay and sort through it all. Hopefully our efforts and the efforts of the members kept this the best drumming forum on the web.

Best wishes to all. johnny


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Couldn't have said it better!

Best wishes to all for a happy, prosperous 2019!

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz


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Thanks to all Mods(past and present) for what you do in making the experience of using DrummerWorld so much cleaner and enjoyable!


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A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all who put the time in to make this place special, & special it really is.

I wish Johnny, Jon, & Bernhard a healthy + contented 2019.

To all here who've kept me in their thoughts this year, you made a bigger difference than you'll ever appreciate. Thank you.

Here's to a thumping great year ahead!



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Happy New Year Johnny-you da man! And Happy New Year other administrators and DW forum members too! Great place to "crash" for a bit , "drum" up new friends, yeah we may "pitch" and "roll" over issues and "diddle" over them, but if you "stick" around you'll learn a lot from the encyclopedic knowledge available "hear". May 2019 be a blessing to you all. Oh and special Happy New Year to Bernhard who makes all this possible.


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Happy New Year! Lots of great things in store for 2019, the year I finally get my Spinbal endorsement deal... (okay, maybe not).


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Ben I just Googled Spinbal and was wondering does it only work on a flat cymbal. My rides are always slanted. Thanks.


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Happy New Year all, thanks for making the days in the office go a bit quicker.

Still recovering from having my first NYE off in 8 years :)