Happy National Drummer Day


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I don't post very much ever but have been on this site for years....... lurk and learn...

I was surprised that there was no mention of today being National Drummer Day...... who even thought this was a thing?

...and if its not enough, there's also "Hug a Drummer Day" on October 10th!




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Shoot! I wish my wife knew about this. She would have bought me that top-of-the-line Tama kit fitted with top-of-the-line Paiste cymbals I wanted.

Oh well. :cry:

Maybe next year! ;)

At least I did get a hug on Oct. 10. Sheer coincidence, however.


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Hallmark I'm guessing has no National Drummer Day card. I have to wonder how official it really is. I can't see Congress taking their time to give the drummers some. I think someone who wasn't qualified made this up. I mean if most drummers weren't aware of it...who is?


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For those who didn't know, we get a whole month. From 1996 to 2013 it was November. Since 2014 it is May. Being that the timing has changed, I'm guessing it's observance was initiated by a guitar player!



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I celebrate it every year. This year I used a Spruce instead of Douglas Fir as my tree and following the traditional dinner of BBQed drumsticks, me and the gang had our gift exchange. It was fabulous and I look forward to next years celebration.