Happy Birthday Ringo

No Way Jose

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Happy Birthday Ringo!


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Happy B-day, Richie!!! Your drumming is a source of perpetual inspiration.

[May your hair and beard be forever dyed to project an eternal image of youthfulness.😁]
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"Uncle Larry"
His birthday is 7/8?

I thought it was 4/4.

Ba dum tish

Big influence, Ringo was on me. Not as much what he played per se, but his approach.

Bide my time. It's better not to tip the hand at first

Hold steady when I could really rip up

On a lot of stuff, he laser focused on just the beat, and that was the exact perfect thing to do. A constant. That makes hits.

Save the best stuff for near the end of the song.

Give the singer plenty of room

That's the first stuff that comes to mind