Happy birthday Bermuda


Happy Birthday to you Bermuda, hope you've had a good one. thanks for all you do here jon.


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Many happy returns, good sir!


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Hi all, thank you so much for the nice wishes! I'm on the road as usual during August, and the birthday gig was in Eugene, OR this time around. In the past, other birthday cities include Billings, MT, DePere, WI, Sioux City, IA, Wallingford, CT and many more.

Here's a pic from last night's show, I got to wear 'hair' for one song, complete with the fashionable Paul Ryan widow's peak!



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Happy birthday! Thanks for keeping us all in check on this forum with your voice (or words) of reason and wisdom!


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Happy belated birthday Bermuda thanks for all your contributions to this community and the drum commuity at large!


"Uncle Larry"
Jon Bermuda
Like a Barracuda
Makes a lotta loota
Goes crazy over his Gouda
Runs around in the nuda
Students pay him to be their tuta
Killed an intruda
Admired by Buddah
Is one awesome dude-a
Like to ride his scoota
Found his girl and woo'd er
After that he screwed-er
Enjoys all kinds of fooda
Is anything but crude-a
Used to drive a Stude-a
Was once on Family Feud-a

Someone help me out here

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent

Someone help me out here

Sure Larry... here it goes...

Bermuda is a TopCat, a Class A Drummer, That Guy Eat Sleep Drum, he's a Vintagedrummer a bit fat in the middle nowadays, but he's Mad About Drums, his motto is keep it simple, that's what eddiehimself said, an unfunkyfooted groove only result in a Mediocrefunkybeat, so a Les Ismore approach is better to con struct a grooving pattern, FourOnTheFoorTom is a proven recipe (talking of recipe, his favourite dish is a Funky Crêpe), he's also a blastbeatkeeper and a hardhitter, he goes boomcrashbang with his Big Foot, so he's not a Bad Drummer and he can even be a FunkyJazzer too, but he's no Jazzsnob but a true Cymbalrider and he hit his Coldhardsteel snare with taste and gusto, Jon's a real evolving_machine and an insane drummer and a cool Latin Groover too.

He doesn't go to bed Toolate and always brush his teeth to avoid the DogBreath smell, and he to put the Kettles on to make a nice cupatea, he's a BeatlesFan and listen to Let it Be while drinking his tea, he plan his next day too, as to avoid major_panic while he plays his Quadruple Groove, thinking about the tuning of his resohead, but he doesn't use WeatherKing anymore, he has become an EvansSpecialist to provide that Boomka he loves so much and he don't like Muffled Tom, the Emad is his Sgt Thump for the bass drum and he has develop a Strangelove relationship with this head.

Jon's a Funnyman too, and he can be a Mighty_Joker sometimes, and there was Numberless times were I just burst out laughing.

Bermuda's also met and dine with the Mighty Pollyanna, Im so jealous about this... but we all have to agree... you must Gvdaddrummasum...


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Had I known you were in Eugene I would have made the trip!

Happy Birthday Bermuda!