Happy Birthday Andy


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Happy Birthday Andy. I hope you get to feeling better- I noted you picked up a nasty bug while visiting here. There’s some nasty one floating around my wife was telling me.

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Happy Birthday to the one and only!


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Happy Happy Birthday, Andy! 🎉🍰


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Cheers !!!!! Happy Birthday, Andy.


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Happy birthday friend. Enjoy this, the one and only, highly coveted Birthday Goat™ , from these shores to yours.

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Andy!...Andy..can you hear me?. I fell in this huge hole and the paramedics are on the way. Happy birthday!. Did he hear me?. I hope so. Damn this sucks.


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Hi Johnny & all,

Thank you for your kind wishes. Sorry for my recent absence, but regrettably, whatever I contracted last week has progressed to pneumonia. I think we caught it early, & I’m hoping the meds will now do their stuff. At least it answered the mystery of why this thing has been kicking my butt so damn hard.

If you know me on FB, please don’t mention this, as there’s family I’m choosing not to overly concern right now.

Cheers, Andy.