Happy B-day to me! (Rogers kit)

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Just brought these home, snapped some pictures so I could show them off to you all. I found them at a local pawnshop and negotiated what I can only describe as an obscene deal on them. From what I have gathered, it is a early/mid 70's Rogers (Fullerton?) kit. Sizes are 12, 13, 16, 22.

Check it out.

Came with this brass Groove Percussion brass 13" piccolo. I had to take a pic of this. Seriously? Really? That's an Evans dry head WITH a few tissues taped to it. Why?


Came with some extra hardware too. Nice!

Are these the original heads?! COol!

Close up of the muffler on the 16". Looks brand new!

Close up, badge on the 16".


These were with the hardware. Anyone know what they are??

Kit all set up. I'm going to gig it as a 4 piece with the 13" tom. Even with these beat up, old heads it sounds wonderful. My father in-law came by and helped me tune it up. After we played it a bit he says "Sounds good. I think you should keep it."


Hoping John Ploughman weighs in and teaches us all something. Special thanks to the late, great Steve B (Tamadrm) for starting me on the Rogers path. I played a teacher's vintage Ludwig kit and wanted something similar. Found a 60's Rogers bass drum on Craigslist and he advised me on it. Said that it would do what the Luddy did but better. He was not lyin'.
I purchased a new Rogers in 1962 from the warehouse in Cleve O. blue sparkle and had the kit until 1995 and traded it for another kit and the rogers like new. but that's life.
Oh my !!! Great set !! I'm green with envy !!

You are so lucky.

Nice score man. They look perfect.
Gosh, it pains me to think they were sitting in a pawn shop somewhere near me!!

Dang that is a sweet kit-beautiful! Like the piccolo snare too-nice accessory snare if you have a larger.
Wouldn't the numbers 9/72 on the tag signify the date? Nice kit. 5 ply shells.​
Love the butcher block finish. Great find. Gotta love pawn shops. I've found some great deals over the years. Went to one today but only found a case for one of my mics for $2.00.
Cool score my pops had a Butcher Block Script Rogers like yours except he had a 24" bd and a 18" ft. he always regretted selling them. very nice kit congrats.

keep swattin',
1972-73 era drums. You have a very nice score.

Could be either three or five ply.

Thanks for dropping by John! I honestly can't tell if this is a 3 or 5 ply. Here is close up shot of the 12" tom.

I have since traded the 13" Piccolo snare to a friend for a 13" Pearl Timbale. I have more than enough snares and Piccolos are just not my thing.

I removed the Remo Muffl from the bass drum, swapped the heads out for some old ones with a little more life with felt strips and ...WOW! These drums sound like a dream. Just big, open goodness. The floor tom just rumbles.

Thanks for all your comments. My mother's nickname for me is "Lucky Louie", really rings true here. I almost feel bad for scoring these babies for what I did. Almost...


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