Happy Australia Day


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I just wanted to wish my drum brothers and sisters in Oz,a happy holiday...good on ya mates:):)

Steve B


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They have Happy Days in Oz?
Just kidding of course. Happy Australia Day :)
I always try to spell Australia like this, (Austrailia) for some unknown reason.
WTF is the matter with me? never mind, please don't answer that :)


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Hey now! Only around 25% of us are decendants of those bread loaf stealing, family feeders. ;-)

Happy belated Australia Day!


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Put more then a few shrimps on the barby, knocked back a few stubbies,
Some snags with dead horse , lamb&followed by pav for desert.


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Gigs, mate, gigs!

However, as part of the rider I got a pie....and a lovely one. But where I live it's SSB and Merlot. Not bad, really. Happay...Straya...Day.....Mate!


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Seems I was the only one to be doing something drum related on Oz Day (ie setting up the kit in my new place).
Granted, I should have been causing drunken violence with the rest of my brethren but thought I'd leave that up to the thousands of other yobbo's this year!