Happening now: Stanton Moore webcast on mikeslessons.com


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Nerf, thanks for the heads up on that. I got an email this morning reminding me of the show but in haste deleted the mail so props to you. I could listen to Stanton talk and play all night. That was a clinic of clinics there. If you , anyone ever get a chance to see Stanton play go. If it is a clinic expect to see just what this show was. His music history is phenomenal just like his playing and you will not be disappointed. Again Nerf Thanks


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I'm glad I could remind you!

I met him again a few weeks ago when he came to Jacksonville with Galactic. He did a clinic at our Guitar Center. It was basically exactly what he presented on mikeslessons here today and some of the Groove Alchemy stuff, but it's like you said -- he's so musical and such a cool cat that I don't mind hearing it more than once! Both times I've met him he's been very nice and accommodating too.