"Hands, Grooves, Fills" CD Problem?


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I am not able to import this cd into iTunes. I can import regular cd's fine. I think the problem lies in the fact that the "H,G,F" cd is in mp3 format. I prefer to import into iTunes, but if there is another way to get the tracks from this cd into my iPod, I'll do that. I am using a PC w/XP. I've researched the iTunes forums for the answer, but no answers so far. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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If the songs are in MP3 format, you can just open the CD in Explorer (or its equivalent) and drag'n'drop the files into iTunes.

Pat Petrillo

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Thanks for the help! That's what he has to do..

jds. let me know if there are any problems, but it all should flow well now

Have fun and jam!


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Thanks for helping. I was able to get the files into iTunes. Now my problem is syncing them to my iPod. I was successful with another cd following this identical process and was able to sync to my iPod. But, I can't get the "H,G.F.'s" files (that are already in iTunes), into my iPod. I get a message in iTunes saying that the items can't be found. Just wondering where I am going wrong.

Terry Branam

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Hey jds,

It seems that ITunes is not able to locate the Mp3 files in your ITunes Library folder. (Is there a little gray "!" next to the song in ITunes?

I'm thinking that a "bulletproof" way of getting these files onto your Ipod would be to

1) Insert the H,G, & F disc into your computer

2) Plug in your Ipod

3) Open ITunes (if it isn't already)

4) Find the Ipod icon in the left sidebar of the ITunes window

5) Double click the CD icon on your desktop to open it up

6) Drag the Mp3 files directly to the IPod icon in ITunes

I hope this works for you. If not, PM me and I can try to help,



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Thanks Terry,

There is a small "!" next to some of the tracks, but not all. Have no idea what "!" means. Anyway, I tried your method but without success. Seems like you have to have the files within iTunes itself in order to sync to an iPod. I went back through the process that I was successful with on a similar cd (Igoe-Groove Essentials). Finally got "H,G,F's" to sync up with my iPod! Don't think I did anything different this time around. Since I just recently downloaded the newest version of iTunes (ver. 8.0), and am using the new iPod Nano (4th gen.), it maybe an Apple issue. Don't know. Anyway, all is well at last. Thanks again to all.


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Okey, maybe you should try a different approach.
Have you tried to rip the CD, with a CD-ripping program (I know iTunes should be able to do so, but hey!), then importing the tracks into iTunes?
I've experienced problems when importing tracks directly from a CD. I usually solve this by using a CD-ripping software (like CDex), then importing the tracks to iTunes/iPod!
Hope this will help!