Handheld Recorders


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A friend and I are trying to put some songs together this summer, but he's in NY and I'm in RI so playing together isn't an option. I've decided to look for a handheld recorder for my drums, are there any specific models that you'd recommend? Thanks.

Bo Eder

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They're all about in the same boat. I personally have the Zoom H2 - pretty economical and does a great job.


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Zoom H4 for me. Sounds pretty decent with its built-in stereo mics. The screen is teeny tiny, which is annoying. They might have improved that in more recent models.


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i have the zoom H4n...but DO NOT recommend *only* for the fact that if you drop it (which i have at least twice), the external condenser mics snap. yeap 1 is now taped & the other is 1/2 snapped. there is no mic "cage" like later models. so maybe the H2n (protected mics) if you are doing WAV tracking (download / rec drums / upload) like on soundcloud.com

i say go w/ the zoom Q3 HD as prices have really dropped (on my list) plus it has a cage. go straight to youtube & forget all the audio editing.


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I bought an H1 a few months ago. They run just under a $100.00 bucks. Once I got used to placement and settings, I have gotten some nice recordings of my band. Good little recorder for the money.


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This is my mobile recording setup (see links below). Does a better job of high-quality live recording than some studios I've been to. The ls-11 is simple as any of the handheld recorders I think you can probably find it on amazon for 200-300 these days. The shure mics were $180 back when I bought them. I bet you could find them for less. I cannot impress upon you how great this setup is for live recording (especially at high volumes for drums etc.) Very clean, and incredibly clear signals. I stand firmly by this recommendation. I've tried other setups, this one produces better than anything else in the handheld department.

You could probably spend $200 extra on the high-end sony version, but you will still want to use these mics.