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This years winners are:

· Foo Fighters
· The Go-Go's
· Carole King
· Todd Rundgren
· Tina Turner


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There are always those long overdue, if it were really "Rock & Roll" Tina would have been a charter member.
In any event, the concerts and speeches are golden. I will have to get a trial 'script to HBO to see this one.


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Really? Jay-Z? Please.
He's a good producer, but as an artist he's meh.


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I'm pretty sure that there has been a sharp decline in the care that the general public has regarding any sorts of awards given to famous people, whether it be music, movies, TV, etc. I think awarding already-famous people is more of a throwback to a different time.


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It's Carol King's second time=she won before didn't she? Or was that Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon (are they in it too?) I get some but over the years what they call Rock N Roll is a huge stretch. The Rock N Roll Hall of Lame it's like the Catalina Wine Mixer. Hey maybe the Stepbros can be in-it was a riveting singer/drum classical/hip-hop sort of thing that seems perfect ROFL. I'm just kidding I haven't any attention to this for years. I love Carol King I hope she wins two.


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The Guess Who is a great band-great singer, hits all the high points. I wonder how all that works behind the scenes-well actually no I don't I'm sure I'd be disappointed.