Had an epiphany while on vacation....


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The wife and I decided that we had had enough of family dramas for a while - daughter beating up boyfriend (he needed it), childrens' car wrecks (2 in 2 months - everyone is okay, the cars are not), another daughter's car broken into, same daughter's boyfriend dumped her (not the one that got beaten up), another daughter started high school (that is a complete drama series in itself...), job stress, only son got married - WE found out on Facebook when he changed his status to "Married" (he was on pre-deployment leave with the Marines), etc, etc. etc. - SO being the level-headed adults we pretend to be - we LEFT town - and didn't tell family until the day before to avoid all the fuss.

We flew to South Padre Island (well actually Brownsville about 30 miles away), rented a car, and drove the rest of the way to SPI for the week. Man - sun, surf, good seafood, great Mexican food, a nice hotel room, plenty of booze - can really boost one's spirit and attitude.

So we a having a great time of it during the day. As soon as we arrive we check into the local nightlife and find several bars hosting live music throughout the week. We took full advantage of it by attending every one we could fit in. The bands were all excellent 3 and 4 piece bands playing some great classic rock, pop, and blues and progressive jazz.

The epiphany happened our 3rd night on the island. We were listening to this great 3 piece playing older classics. A guitar player who also played sax, a keyboard player, and drummer. All 3 could sing. Very well I need to say. The drummer was playing a simple 4 piece kit and really doing some interesting stuff and syncapation. We were outside on a dock overlooking the bay side and as the sun went down, these guys really started cooking. The band were older guys, but it was apparent they had been playing together for some time.

I sat mesmerized by the drummer doing some interesting stuff on the hi-hats. Think a young Danny Seraphine of Chicago mixed with the syncapation of John Bohnam and you've got this guy. I sat there thinking THIS is exactly what I needed to get out of my hi-hat funk I'm in. All the songs were straight up 4/4, but what he was doing on the hats really set the songs off and brought them to life. So this was a great lesson in watching new techniques performed on the hats to add character to a song. :)


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my poots exiting my bum make cool bass sounds...there you have it...new patterns...some of them just stink though (pun intended)


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rogue_drummer, glad you decided to make the move and get away for a while, sounds like your brain needed a little decompression time.


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Sounds like a successful vacation on many levels. Glad you were able to get away and take the time to decompress. Would love to hear some of what you come up with on those hats!

Happy Drumming!