Had a chance to play around on the NFUZD pads today


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So I'm on vacation this week and had an opportunity to visit a Guitar Center a littler farther out that I don't get to much. They had a kit setup with the NFUZD electronics setup on it.

For the price it still needs some work in my book. $1700 for 5 drum pads, 2 cymbal pads and the controller. This system really struggled keeping up with faster strokes be it singles, flams and especially buzz rolls those sounded extremely processed and not really good, maybe that's something that can be adjusted in the settings but the way the display was put together you couldn't access anything other than the dial to change to the different kits. The drum pads do respond to sensitivity so there is a dynamic range you can play on each one. They are rubber pad and did feel pretty good compared to some other rubber pads, the fact they are the size of the drums is really nice. The drum sounds weren't bad, some actually sounded decent that they had loaded. wasn't impressed with the feel of the HH pads, especially for open and close, that could have partially been the crappy stand they had them mounted too. Cymbal sounds were ok, the pads felt heavy when hitting them, they are pretty thick with lots of rubber. I'm guessing for durability they were made that thick.

The concept is good but needs work in some areas in my book. Price is another big setback, lot of coin to change your acoustic kit to electronic