Ha...just picked up some ZBT 13" hats.


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$30, For a spare kit (the PDP). Think ill set it up in a rehearsal space so if someone breaks them I'm not totally livid. They actually don't sound all that bad while sounding totally terrible at the same time :)




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TOO FUNNY! My band usually rehearses at the bass players studio and I use his drumset and cymbals. All old crappy ZBT things. I always joke that the 13" hi-hats kinda don't sound toooooooo awful. LOL


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I rocked ZBT hi hats for a couple a years.... then the top cracked on me. They actually didn't sound the worst. Mike Mangini uses them, so hey. They arent awful.


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I've got 14" ZBT's provided for me at rehearsals, and I like them. I don't use the ZBT crashes that are there though. For the most part the hats are pretty darned sweet. Lots of sizzle.


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agreed. Those 13" hats aren't too bad. The regular ride (older version) is actually pretty good, too with a little tape to mute some of the over tones.


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Use the 14" on a practice set, I always thought if there is one cymbal you can skimp on its hats. Spend your money on crashes first then a ride and lastly hats and in the meantime the zbts or b8 s will work.