!!! H U G E G I V E A W A Y !!!

This really comes across as spam to me.
Hello There.

i'll tell you why i don't think it's a spam.

It took me about 30 hours, to do what i am giving away.
Any one that sells drum transcriptions would at list ask 35e.
I REALLY want to give it away because i know for a fact that it is
hard to get drum transcriptions for free.
I also try to do something, so that my "work" as a drummer is noticed, and i think we all know that's hard, especially in the beginning.

So i give you my 30 hours and I ASK you to give some minutes of your time and check out my "work", because people sometimes tend to take and then run... If anybody thing that's offending i apologize.
You can always write your email in the form (so that i can email you the transcriptions) and that's that.
Happy new year!


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Then post a blog, or just upload them..

I am slightly tired of everyone in the world wanting my email address this day and age. Even my "spam" address needs to get changed far to often these days.

Put your name, website, and info on the transcriptions so if someone prints them you still get the credit. That I understand.

If you really WANT to give them away for free, give them away.

I am not offended, and respect that your giving away free transcriptions you spent your personal time on. I think asking for email addresses and comments is what he was explaining. If they are good, most WILL comment to say thankyou :)


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I would agree. Post the transcriptions on your short stack site and let those who want it down load it with out giving up their email addresses.
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Hey Alex, sure I'll take you up on your offer! Thanks! 17 transcriptions is a LOT of work! I appreciate your sharing. I listened to some of your tracks very innovative drum work! Will you be offering lessons at some point?

To everybody else responding to Alex's giveaway with some healthy scepticism I will let you know how everything goes.

After following his 3 ez steps, last of which was to enter email, I immediately received an automated email thanking me for my subscription and a promise to receive the 17 transcriptions by the end of the day.

We shall see. Will keep you posted.


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Update on Alex Drummer's transcription giveaway.

After following his 3 steps and receiving one automated email verifying my subscription with a promise to receive the transcriptions by end of day...

20 minutes later... They are here!

They look to me to range from easy/simple to fairly complex transcriptions. Not sure if they are note-for-note however I think he did a good job and I find nothing nefarious about his request. Just a hard working drummer working hard at self promotion and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Cuz usually if you don't do it, who will?

Overall i think it's a fair offer and I appreciate these PDF transcriptions.

I will try to post a few cropped fotos so you can see what they're like.

Happy New Year my fellow Drummer's!



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I'm glad you were our guinea pig for this!

The way that Beautiful People was engraved does bug me quite a bit. It would have been much easier to read if you wrote the broken triplets as swung 8th notes. Just a basic "Two 8th notes = 1 quarter note triplet + 1 eighth note triplet" in the beginning so we know its swung, and just have eighth notes there. It would really clean up the look of the music.
Hello again!

I made this transcriptions to help my students, that's why all the songs are beginners level (so yes i am offering lessons!).
I triple checked them and i am pretty sure there are no mistakes. Some crashes or fills may be missing, but that's cuz i want my students to be creative (not play everything note by note).
I also tried to make them as easy to read as possible (right about "the beautiful people" though)

Keep in mind that everyone that fills the form will receive every new transcription i make via email.

RLRR-LRLL: "Just a hard working drummer working hard at self promotion"
1000% right, although i honestly don't see it as a job (although it pays the bills!).Thank you for your kind words!