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That sounded real nice Joe. I really like latin music with a sax.


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Wow Joe. Love this track. It's sexy. You obviously nailed it. Great vibe. Oh yea, the Guru. Fit perfectly. Love your tight tom work. Everything really. What a great song.

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Nice tune Joe, I love the sax solo, jazzy latin going on there, of course the snare is very cool, I love the cross stick sound... and patterns :)


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Joe, I must have listened to this at least 10 times since you sent it to me last week. To say the playing is tight, is an understatement. Tight, but not clinical, is a really difficult trick to pull off, & displays the professionalism of all involved. Not a lot to say about your playing Joe, except it's just wonderful!

I thought the cross stick came across well, as did the body of the snare when it kicked in about 2/3rds of the way through the track. Difficult to believe that's a piccolo on recordings. My only personal preference would be for a higher tuning in this track. That would raise the pitch of the cross stick to a more satisfying level IMHO. Again, only my personal thought on a faultless track with great playing by all.

Thanks for posting this Joe :)


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Great playing, tasty grooves and a snare that stands out. Win. Thank you for sharing, Joe... good stuff, as always.


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Brilliant playing and a snare drum that sounds, and records, as good as it looks (assuming it is the same one from Joe's earlier video.

Joe Morris

Awww hey thanks a ton guys for all the kind comments about my playing. I'm working on it just like everybody else so the nice comments are much appreciated. Andy, the only thing thats wrong with that cross stick is it needs to be up in the mix. LOL I love the sound of the snare when it kicks in during the sax solo, crack and balls baby .

One last thing. This is a rough mix by the way. Not mastered or even mixed yet. I literally got this track 5 minutes after the congas and sax went on it. totally a rough rough mix. FYI.

Thanks again guys.