Guitars at practice


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Have a word and if he continues to play when the band's discussing band matters simply turn his amp off.
I actually was part of a band where this happened, frequently. The one guitarist, who was, you guessed it, the inferior one musically, would always be screwing with some riff or other nonsense while the rest of us would be trying to talk to one another to discuss song bits, vocals, etc. Since I was behind the kit sitting down it was hard for me to do anything about the noise so the bass player would just walk over and either unplug the guitar or turn his volume knob all the way down. That got his attention.Now we were all pretty close friends so laughter would usually follow but the point was made...shut the heck up!!!


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I suggest addressing the issue with the whole band without singling anyone out within a business meeting.

When it happens after that, stop everything EVERYTIME and say something.

Be VERY clear about what constitutes the 'wanking' (eg "Playing outside of the song or outside of a current group focus").

Tally folks violation and bring it up at the next business meeting.

Enduring patterns can be discussed re: desire to continue in such an unproductive environment.

...or walk away if the effort does not meet the potential.


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hahaha Thank you for all the replies. I figured my post would stir the pot. When I was younger I was definitely the one noodling, ticking, or whatever term you would like to use for playing when you're not supposed to. Kudos to the folks who somehow tolerated my constant rudimental wood-shedding. Mostly in marching band setting. I guess I've come full circle with it all. It's just SO annoying to be interrupted by arpeggios and I needed to vent. Love the guitar player. Been friends for quite a while and band mates in quite a few bands. He has no problem when I tell him to shut up or turn down. We're a bit more mature now and don't really argue or fight about things. A nice situation after having played with many other musicians over the years and having so many "fall outs" with other creative types. It's been a long time since I networked with other percussionists so hearing your responses has been music to my ears. Harmonious of course. Drum on brothers and sisters.