Guitarists are weird....


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I say that in a jesting way of course!

I sort of self taught myself the very basics of guitar years ago and decided I wanted to take it up again a little more seriously so I started trolling guitar forums to see what DVDs, exercise, etc people are recommending.

Then I come across all these posts about drummers. Most of them are like "drummers play way too loud and can't control their volume!" and other such trash talk.

I laugh because we are over here on a drum forum saying the very same thing about guitarists not knowing how to control their volume and other such trash talk about how drummers are better than guitarists.

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Well, there ARE drummers who cannot control their volume and just hit the "sh*t" out of their drums (always!) - and there ARE guitarists (and bass players) who have problems, turning down the volume of their amps, who believe you have to play extra loud in order to be a "real and honest rock band". :)


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Probably the #1 complaint...not just drummers or guitarists...volume.

Great volume control, whatever the room, separates the experienced from the inexperienced musician.

Music is like a recipe. Like you can't overload a cake with salt. The right amount of salt is an exact measurement.

One rouge individual can ruin the recipe with their volume.


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Oh duh. And I'm big on spelling correctly. Rogue. That's what I meant to say. Not rouge. I was wondering why I didn't get that joke initially. Savor it, that's the last incorrect word anyone will ever read here from me, see?

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I'll be watching you too, Uncle Larry. So watch it, buddy!!

I've never had anybody complain about my volume being too loud.

(Except when I was learning, I had the cops called on me many times)
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I've had people complain about my volume being too loud.
I've also had people say I'm the loudest sensitive drummer they've heard.
I've also had people say "play louder" when I'm at what i thought was the max.

It's funny because a friend I auditioned for said I played too loud, but when I went to see them play out, the drummer was slamming louder than I ever would. I guess he worked it up. And he wasn't all that good so it's not something she just said to let me down easy.

I subbed for a band. They told me to play louder all the time. I thought I was smashing the shit out of my drums, but that's what they were asking for.
I think it was because one of the guitarists had a big tube amp that only sounded good at power and I needed to play to her sound.

I'm thinking that guitarists are plagued with the inability to understand acoustic dynamics of a real band.
In my opinion, they seem to have an ideal that drums and other instruments should blend as if they're coming from a home sound system. There's a disconnect from an actual live sound and the sound they hear on recordings.
There's a lack of understanding about the liveliness of real drums and their mix with the other instruments.

We as drummers know that the sound of drums are extremely transient and acoustically sharp. Sometimes caustic, even when played with finesse. It's something that cannot be captured on a recording. It's real life and it sounds jarring when you hear real drums. They pronounce attention when they're played in any way that isn't accommodating to the aged or those who don't aspire to the full spectrum of natural dynamics.

If people leave space accordingly to the other instruments, we'll all have a good sound without fuss, and it will be naturally full and attentive.
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