Guitarist seeking my online Drummers to collaborate with!


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Hello drummers

Pleased to meet everyone. I am a guitarist who would like to start a project producing and performing on collaboration cover videos with my fellow musicians through the power of the internet. I am not able to find any reliable drummers around my local area who have the equipment, motivation for growth, nor ability to record themselves. This is a long post but, contains all the great info if you are interested in preforming a piece with me and video and audio recording in collaboration, please PM me because I would love to talk.

To give you an idea of some what I am looking to accomplish, here are a few links of projects I enjoyed watching and would like to produce something similar.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Torture me cover

Queens of The Stone Age - Go with the Flow

Pearl Jam - Even Flow

You do not have to be a pro drummer to perform with me, I am by no means a pro guitarist but, I will practice on a piece to record it well and put in the effort of making the best production I can.

I am reaching out to any drummer of any age who would like to perform on a project once every 2 weeks or even once a month learning a new song and recording the audio and a video of them performing it to the best of his ability. I just want to play music with those passionate about growing as a musician and create some projects trying new things.

What I am looking for

  • Any age drummer who is consistent in communication, playing/practicing, and has an open mind.

  • Those who will open themselves up to different genes or if you like funk, me and you can collaborate on funk and I can collaborate with another drummer if they like heavy rock.
  • The only equipment I am asking you to use is at least real one microphone with an audio interface (no recording audio via your iphone).

If you don’t have any of that equipment but, wasn’t to try this idea, you can start for as little as $69, such as the Samson Co1 large diagraph condenser and an audio interface such as the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or PreSonus AudioBox 2x2 interface for $99. I am sure this subreddit is filled with cheap ways to record your drums, I also know there are some cheaper drum packs that will get the ball rolling and if you already own a mac you already have garage band and can record with that. PC users can pick up audacity for free, or even step up to Reaper which is a great Digital Audio Workstation for only $60.

Again you do not have to have your own pro studio and 20 mics and experience producing records. While getting at least a decent recording, meaning no clipping, and using at least one decent mic is important, learning new music and creating projects is the priority of the project. All you need is to be able to practice, play, record the song with passion and consistency to the original track.

Please do not try and start a project with me if you are going to half ass the song or be satisfied with issues that could be fixed by practicing harder. I am going to give this my all, and I want you too!

If you can play other instruments or maybe want to take the job of mixing the tracks, or producing the video I am completely open to opening those roads.

I really just want to play music with some passionate and reliable drummers.

PM you guys if you are interested or want to ask me more questions!

If you have any other recommendations for tweaking this post or where else I should post it, please let me know.

Thank you for your time drummers!