Guitar Hero World tour on Roland Kit!


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Firstly, sorry but i wasnt entirely sure what section to post this in so its gone into generals lol.

So i managed to hook up my Roland TD9KX to Guitar Hero World Tour on the Xbox 360 and arranged the MIDI to the correct heads and actually played along to it with my own kit!

I realized, apart from some obvious things i.e - opening and closing hi-hat/ride bow and bell etc, most of the drumming on it on expert is actually pretty accurate and with some of the more difficult songs to play to i actually felt like it may have very slightly improved my drumming in some way.. I was thinking, this may be useful for some younger or new starters to drumming as some areas like limb independance seems alot less difficult to accomplish as your focusing so much more on the different coloured dots coming down the screen then what your actually doing, plus the fact that as you go through career mode, it slowly builds up from very easy to more difficult.

Has anyone else tried this or found it to be useful? Do you think it would be wrong for new starters to start through GH as it isnt quite the same as real drumming? Discuss!! :D


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I think its good for people to get into drumming. Of course, like you say, its not completely accurate, and some songs are a lot worse than others. I (somewhat shamefully?) have Rock Band and Guitar Hero to thank for me picking up the drums. I wouldn't have just finished having a practice on my Hyperdrive if it wasn't for it, nor would I be sat here typing this! I think it's probably a fun way to start, although of course there is the added risk of learning poor technique. It will definately teach you some limb independence in order to play the drums though. for instance, just before I started learning, if I sat down on the real kit at my school and played something, it could be a lot more complex than my friends who didn't play drums or RB/GH. Of course, it didn't sound great, but it helped in someways. Definitely gives you an idea of what drumming is like. The only downsides is if you do it before lessons you can learn bad technique, and things like there are no dynamics in RB/GH, so you could be way off in that sense.