Guitar centre drum off winner 2012.


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A cut above the usual contestants. Musical, has chops, lots of personality. I would be surprised if he doesn't get a call for something substantial in the coming months. Thanks for sharing!

Anthony Amodeo

Juan is from around my way

he has entered a few of these.... glad to see he finally won

great player, great teacher, awesome guy


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Pretty gimmicky, but better than most of the wankfest that the GC drum offs usually are.


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Incredible talent and I'm sure many years of hard work. His personality on the kit was the icing on the cake!


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That was awesome. How many hours do you think that guy practiced? He showed great smoothness even with all of the extra stuff.


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I have been watching this for 5 years now and this guy is great, He has rhythm, imagination, skill, chops, etc. But what the hell is gimmick? some of the comments on the youtube feature are just ridiculous. Congrats to this young guy.


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That was great all around. Feel, chops, creativity, transitions, variety, taste, attitude; he has it all. It's only a gimmick if it covers up some deficiency or gets in the way of the flow of the piece.

BTW, not that he needs any validation, but he was a 2002 DCA champ as well.



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Great chops.

I'd say he studied the last two winners and learned what made them win. I noticed he incorporated elements of last years winner and made a reference to the prior years winner with the Micheal Jackson reference. Which isn't a knock, just an observation, cause I couldn't do 1/2 of that if I wanted to.

Some may consider that gimicky, or not, but it shows he's paying attention to what the judges wants. And one of the grading criteria is audience reaction, which we don't get to fully see/hear in a youtube clip.