Guitar Center..we all love to hate them...but .............................



Same here. Heads and sticks are behind the counter. No one had ever stopped me from getting my own. I try to get help first, but if no one can or will I get them myself.
For real?!? I’ve never seen heads or sticks behind anything in an LA area Guitar Center. Still, I did enjoy GC a lot more when real drummers worked there.



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There are only two Guitar Centers in my entire state! Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas. I visit the one in Little Rock (45-minute drive) every time I'm in town, and this store has always had a very cool, laid-back feel to it. I suspect that is purely a reflection of the people who work there - typical friendly southerners.

The prices in this store are representative of the typical Guitar Center pricing that I see advertised in other stores, except for the prices of used gear, which are almost always too expensive. (They will always match any other retailer's advertised prices. It could be argued that a customer shouldn't have to do the comparisons - GC is large enough to always be on the lower end of the price equation.)



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Guitar center is like Starbucks, on one hand they drive out smaller businesses that provide better service, on the other hand some places wouldn't have a coffee shop at all, because they couldn't afford the rent. Furthermore, running a coffee shop is so complicated these days, you practically have to have an IT degree just to run the WI-FI network.


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Part of the reason so many GCs might not have a drum guy readily available is that there is very little commission to be made in drums, so the drum guys are out in Pro Audio or a department where they can make a decent sale.


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I went to my local GC first thing this morning and got 3 snare bags I needed with a 15% discount. :) They were running some pretty good sales on kits and other stuff. I even got recognized by another customer (which doesn't happen very often.) It wasn't crazy at the time but I'll bet it filled up later. The Hollywood store must have been nuts!