Guitar Center nightmare


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I've had fairly good success buying on line used cymbals (at least 5) from GC and eBay as well. Some were outstanding deals.
I use them regularly although what was advertised wasn't always what was received.
(Drums might be trickier though).

With GC 30 day return policy, I'm not too concerned about something going wrong w/used items.


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… Suddenly, the drum salesman came up behind me, bent down and turned the monitor back down to it's no sound level. Mumbling something about needing to turn it down. Quickly walking away in one motion.


The six or seven teenage boys jacking around on the electric guitars probably complained.

Seriously, I can't imagine a sales person being that rude … except at Guitar Center. I won't even let them put my purse in their fascist little cubbyhole. If they expect me to hand my personal property over to some stranger at the door, they are sorely mistaken. And I used to get all my gear there in the late 1970s and 1980s, when I played guitar. They used to be awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming, and they'd always throw in a packet of strings or something useful (this wasn't just a girl thing — my guy friends benefited, too).

Guitar Center was one of my favorite places back then, both the big one in Seattle and the smaller one in Bellingham, where I went to college. It saddens me to hear and experience these stories. I'd like to support brick and mortar when possible — the employees are members of my community, after all — but not Guitar Center.
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Wow, that kit was a beater!

A little OT but a few months back I bought a "used, good condition" 20" medium thin A Zildjian for $120. I was expecting "average/good" but the thing was basically new condition. Not a dent or scratch, hardly a smudge, perfect shape as well as flawless logos. I was surprised it was not listed as at the least "very good" "great" or "excellent", being nearly flawless.

GC used = hit or miss and also depends upon the particular store, geographic location and surrounding markets.


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A stores management is a key factor in what you get and how you're treated as a customer. The GC nearest me has a great store manager and the staff reflect that. I make it a point to give most of my business to Indy shops, but I find that when I have to go to GC they're on top of it.

That being said, used stuff is hit or miss for sure. I've picked up a handful of things there for great prices. I've also seen things not priced according to condition too.