Guitar Center Drum Competition


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I've wondered myself about entering and was actually really close this year, but then I saw the prize list for the store level and decided that:

1) That's probably the highest level I might win
2) There wasn't anything in that prize pack I really wanted
3) I wasn't worth the potential embarassment of failing miserably just for the shot at some prizes I didn't want anyway. Let the other guys have it.

My playing is 99% live, 75% un-rehearsed, and mostly with other musicians. I'll usually get a call from a worship leader a day or two in advance, show up with necessary gear, and play a 1-2 hour set with MAYBE 30 min of sound check to go over a song I've never heard. That's not to say I don't work independently on chops, I do. I guess the point is, because of my experiences, I would feel a whole lot more comfortable sitting in with complete strangers and grooving with the music than I would trying to solo. And you can forget stick twirling and other showy gimmicks.

I have a full-time job and drumming is a hobby, but I would like to make it at least pay for sticks and heads. The problem with that is, almost all of my gigs, even the steady weekly ones are non-paying church gigs. (Not my home church, that's Sunday mornings only) but I see it as a way to use my talent for God's glory. That said, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to be able to enter a competition or lay down some session tracks to help financially support that talent.

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I would love to see Drum Off be restructured into two sections for competitors. The first, would be the solo like they do now, and the second would be a play-along track. GC does the play along thing for King of the Blues, and it would be a valuable addition to drum-off, because the competitors would have to show their chops AND musicality.

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I guess the point that I was trying to make was that aren't the point of competitions to see how you stack up against everyone else. If I already know where I'm at in the musical world, whats the point?
So you're just assuming you are better than everyone in the competition already? Just go ahead and do it, you might be surprised at some of the people who entered, and that's only the people at that one store, if you keep winning it goes more national and I'm sure you'll run into some good drummers. And if you are the best and blow everyone else out of the water, then good for you, and you'll get some good prizes. I don't see why their age would deter you, there's no age restrictions, it's not designed for teenagers specifically, just go out and have fun and meet some other drummers in your state.


Honestly watching the previous winners is what made me think about dropping out. They weren't that great. Not much groove, soul or even technique to speak of. More flashy than anything and that really isn't my style. I might go in there and play an Elvin Jones solo, or maybe something similar.
i agree with you that there is tons of flash. BUT, this is a good chance to show your style of drumming that incorporates good groove and technique. Believe me, there are people in the audience (myself included) who would appreciate your playing style over some of the younger drummers who don't know yet what music can be about.