Guess what I didn't bring with me for the gig.


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I keep an extra in my stick bag :)
Ditto, and one or two in my toolbox along with gaff tape, cymbal felts and sleeves etc.

I use a checklist when packing the car for a gig. No matter how many times I've done it, things get overlooked.


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I keep my clutches attached to my hi hat stands at all times. Plus I keep a spare clutch in my cymbal bag. And my spare is a Gibraltar, which is big enough to accommodate thicker pull rods like the ones that come on Tama and DW hi hat stands. I learned that the hard way, when playing a gig on a house kit one time. I brought my Yamaha clutch, but it wouldn’t fit the thicker DW hi hat pull rod. Fortunately the bassist lived only a few blocks away, and his son is a drummer. So he snagged his son’s clutch, which worked.


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Well that sucks!!

I pack a large pencil case full of washers, felts, zip ties, drum keys, moon gels and general spares (which also contains two hi hat clutches) into the car before heading off.

I always make sure it’s packed in the car at the same time I pack my stick bag and cymbal bag so I don’t forget it.

Having all those spares has come in handy a few times!!

C.M. Jones

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I keep my clutches attached to my hi hat stands at all times.
Same here. I've never misplaced, lost, or forgotten one for that reason.

Whether I'm gigging or recording, I have a system in place for all transports, breakdowns, and setups. I don't make lists; it's just an engrained set of procedures I've upheld for decades. It hasn't let me down thus far.


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I keep my clutches attached to my hi hat stands at all times.
Yeah, I do that, too. But, since I play on other kits from time to time, I have a spare clutch in my stick bag, for OTHER people’s sake. Plus, I was gigging at a church where I stored my kit, and when I came in one Sunday, the kit was moved around and the clutch was missing. It turns out the drummer that was using my kit during the week (that I wasn’t consulted about…), took the clutch with him. So, I’m glad I had a backup. If not, I’ve got some tape in my bag, too…


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I had an extra clutch (along with washers, felts, wing nuts, etc) in my stick bag. Haven't really dug into that pocket in a while, I probably ought to do an inventory again soon


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Almost happened to me a couple weeks back. Then, I remembered to dig around in my supply box I bring and I had an extra one I packed in there - whew!

No disco beat for you.


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I carry several actually, I have found over the years that some high hat stands have thicker rods which I can't get some of the clutches to actually fit onto. Between the two one has always worked out.


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I only take one but I leave it on the stand like some other have stated.