Guess the drum head


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I recently put some new heads on the toms of my Yamaha maple Custom set and made a short recording.

Drums are 10x7.5 12x8 14x12 16x14 20x16 with a 14x5.5 Yamaha copper snare.

The tom reso's are clear G1's

1.Can you guess the drumheads on the tom batters from listening to the sound file?
2. Do you like this sound?

I should add that there is no muffling, EQ or effects.

Answer: They are Clear Remo Pinstripes!
Also I added the same set with coated Emperors.



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I wanna say they're single ply? and with you having evans on the resos I'd presume you'd have them on the batter aswell. g1s? eq1s?

oh and it is a nice, natural drum sound btw :)


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Is this supposed to be like the "pepsi cola" challenge then?

I'm gonna go with G1s. They don't sound as if they're coated or anything and they sound pretty open.


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No exact guesses yet.

The Mention of G1's for the reso heads was just to establish that the reso's are pretty standard and the only variable it the batter heads.

You shouldn't assume that they are Evans but I will grant that they are one of ( Evans, Remo, Aquarian)

Guessing brands is to difficult, can anyone tell if they are

One ply vs two ply
Coated vs clear
Regular vs dot vs control ring
exact model?


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Clear, two-ply, control-ring. That's my guess, although I really don't know for sure. You're snare sounds really tasty. Also, good idea for a challenge!


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One more clue,

You are hearing a mix of close mics with overheads. I'll post the overheads alone later.



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The Answer: Clear Pinstripes

The Answer: The Tom batter heads are Clear Remo Pinstripes. The dreaded Pinstripe; I don't think that they are so bad, In fact I think they are just fine for recording this kind of sound.

BTW I realize that it is very difficult if not impossible to identify an exact head from a recording.

805Drummer and Bram both correctly identified the number of plies the lack of coating and the control ring.

I did this recording to try to prove a point about Pinstripes and further the discussion in the following threads:

I think that Pinstripes are getting a bad wrap and that they do serve a purpose. They are not right for every application and are best when miked, but I believe that they can sound good.



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Pinstripes and EC2s are in fact the same, so you can never hear wether it is a Pinstripe or an EC2.


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Pinstripes and EC2s are in fact the same, so you can never hear wether it is a Pinstripe or an EC2.
I tend to agree with this, I don't hear a significant difference between EC2's and pinstripes.
It always puzzles me when I see a thread claiming the pinstripes suck yet EC2's are great. I think that they are just about the same.